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Ten to watch for the Red Herring 100
Red Herring's selection of ten up-and-coming companies well worth keeping an eye on.
By the Editors



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Ten to Watch

Each year we select ten startups that we believe will be noteworthy in the coming year. Nine of last year's picks continue to do great things and may soon grace our list of top private firms. Keep your eye on all these companies.
Company Sector Burn rate per month;
total funding
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Arbor Networks Software $550K; $11M Arbor's last funding round: $11 million
Axiowave Networks Communications equipment $2M; $42M Axiowave profile
Caspian Networks Communications equipment $1.5M; $140M Profile of Caspian
Gazoo Software $750K; $14M How competitor .NET works; Profile of Gazoo
Quantum Dot Biotechnology $600K; $37.5M Nanotech illuminated
QuickSilver Technology Semiconductors $1.2M; $21M Chip forecasts getting murkier
RLX Technologies Hardware $1M; $59M How Transmeta server firms stack up
Sourceree Software $500K; $5.6M Sourceree's seed round in August
XDegrees Software $500K; $8M XDegrees offers directory assistance
Zambeel Storage $750K; $26.5M Vinod Khosla's a backer

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