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Washington Post "Net pioneer's study shows net traffic quadrupling in '01" - The Internet has gone into overdrive. Or so says data from Lawrence Roberts, a computer-communications pioneer who in 1969 was a key figure in the development of ARPANET, the ancestor of today's Internet ....[more]
The Guardian Thursday August 23, 2001 - A ninety billion dollar mistake They built the backbone of the internet, and got it spectacularly wrong, writes Karlin Lillington ....[more]
Network World Internet pioneer says 'Net traffic growing faster than ever- Contrary to reports from analysts and other industry pundits, the Internet is not shrinking - traffic actually grew fourfold over the past year, according to one of the Internet's "fathers." ....[more]
WRAL One Of The Internet's Founders Speaks Out About Cyber Explosion-- Even with the economic slowdown, the Internet is growing faster than ever. A new study of Internet growth shows the Web is quadrupling every year. Dr. Larry Roberts, spoke to WRAL about the cyber explosion. ....[more]
Wired Magazine The n -Dimensional Superswitch - Larry Roberts has a next-gen router he says will kick Cisco's ass - oh yeah, and reinvent the Internet.... [more]
Network World How the Internet transformed from concept to colossus, from theory to ubiquity.... [more]
Network World Internet pioneer Roberts plans to solve the Internet's problems with a switch expected to handle 100 terabit/sec IP traffic loads.... [more]
Red Herring Larry's startup Caspian Networks, is among the RedTen to watch for the Red Herring 100 Red Herring's selection of ten up-and- coming companies well worth keeping an eye on.... [more]
Light Reading 2001 This was a big week for Light Reading. Dr Lawrence Roberts, one of the founding fathers of the Internet, was "in the house" at our Tribeca trophy office in Manhattan. [more]
IEEE IT Professional Magazine - 2000 Aleading authority on packet switching and network architectures, Lawrence Roberts led the team that designed and developed Arpanet,the world 's first major computer packet network and precursor to the modern Internet...[more]
Pioneer Planet - 2000 One of the Internet's founding fathers is coming to the Twin Cities Tuesday and he has a word he wants to whisper in our ears about our future on the Internet...[more]
IEEE Internet Computing, 2000 One of history's main benefits is that it lets us detect trends that help predict the future. Over the past 30 years since the Internet started, many clear trends have emerged. This article very briefly examines the most critical of these trends, the one that led to the creation of the Internet--the packet switching cost trend... [more]
Business Journal, 2000 The man thought by many to have invented the Internet now wants to invent it again. This time, Larry Roberts wants to make it easier to use and universal in its use, replacing radio, television and information-sharing as we now know it.... [more]
USA Today - 1999 The date was Oct. 29, 1969. The laboratory of professor Leonard Kleinrock at the University of California at Los Angeles was about to give birth to the Internet...[more]
Minnesota Technology Magazine
Silicon Valley Radio - 1998 Larry Roberts has done more for world communication than just about anyone on the planet...[more]

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